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  6502 and Programming Information    

6502 Instruction Set Matrix by Brad Taylor.

6502 Programming Tutorial by Zerosoul

6502SIM is a 6502 processor simulator for MSDOS that can be used as a tool for developing and testing generic 6502 code. It also makes a good platform for learning 6502 programming since you can easily watch the execution of the code and observe the results. 6520sim displays a disassembly of memory, the CPU registers, stack, and memory and theses are all updated dynamically as the code is executed so you can watch the results. - A 6502 cross assembler for MSDOS. It supports pretty much any feature you could want in an assembler including macros, and the ability to produce raw-binary files.

DCC6502 - A 6502 disassembler for NES binaries. Available in a Windows/DOS version or an ANSI C version that compiles in *nix or DOS. Created by Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux.

Extra Opcodes for the 6502 by Adam Vardy.

Interactive Disassembler for the 6502 by DataRescue. It's free, lucky you.

NES Programming Information by Bob in either TXT or ZIP

Nintendo Assembler v0.10 created by Charles Doty, David Michel, and J.H. Van Ornum.

Rockwell 650x and 651x specs - Official specifications for the 6502 family - A very popular table driven cross assembler for MSDOS.

TRaCER - A 6502 disassembler created by Y0shi.

X816 - An assembler for 6502/65c816 by minus.

Since this is an NES Site and not a 6502 hacking/programming site I have included only a portion of the total 6502 information available on the web. If you're truly interested in the 6502 for whatever reason feel free to E-mail me. Those seeking further info on the 6502 should head in the direction of Stephen Judd's The Fridge, which is one of the most comprehensive 6502 information sites I've seen on the net.