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  Retro Evolved #1 - New Super Mario Bros (DS)    
  Retro Evolved #1: New Super Mario Bros (DS)

Really, what do I have to say about this game? Letís see the first word in the title...NEW. Thatís right folks a NEW 2-D Super Mario game. The last Super Mario 2-D true side scroller was in 1991, with Super Mario World. Iím not counting Yoshiís Island, as you didnít control Mario, and Super Princes Peach doesnít really count either.

This is a hybrid of SMB1/SMB3/SMW, and a nicely done one at that. You will see new moves (a butt-stomp, for example, from SM64) with new music, nicely done graphics, a 3-D look (think SM64 look) fused with 2-D style of game play (think SMB3).

Naturally the game isnít the best of the games (that is SMB 3) but it does fall to a 2nd/3rd place finish (depending on where you put SMW, me its 2nd).

Itís a tad short but worth it, there are plenty of unlockables. Most of the challenge comes from finding Star Coins (like the dragon coins in SMW).

There are multi-player mini games, but most (90%) are rehashes of the SM64DS mini games. Itís like Mario Party only with out the stupid board game.

There is also a vs. mode that is plenty fun to play, you have to collect the most stars than your opponent, a simple diversion at best but very fun.

If you have a DS, pick this one up - its $34.99. This is a great addition to the Mario family, and a worthy buy for anyone who has a DS.

- Kyle ďmaxmouse2008Ē Piper

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