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  Retro Evolved #3 - Tetris DS for the Nintendo DS    
  Retro Evolved #3 - Tetris DS for the Nintendo DS

I am forever indebted to Alexey Pajitnov. Who is he you may ask? Simple he is the mastermind behind Tetris. Yes clear back in 1985. OK, Tetris wasnt super popular until 1989 when Nintendo released the Game Boy... but this isnt a Game Boy site...

Tetris had its claim to fame on the NES when we had the Tegen vs Nintendo legal battles. In summary, Nintendo sued Tegen (Atari) for having a version of Tetris out for the NES. The judge ruled that Nintendo had the legal copy and ordered Atari to pull the game from the market.

But I didnt choose this game for the historical aspects, this game belongs in the Retro Evolved because it is done in a NES makeover.

Yes that is right, everything is done as a NES. and I mean EVERYTHING.

Most notibly the backgrounds all are as NES themes. Some games that are included are:

Super Mario 1/3
Balloon Fight
Donkey Kong
Yoshis Cookie
Ice Climber
Urban Champion (Oh why did Nintendo must remind us that they made this god awful game)
Tetris (What?!?! I mean the NES version of Tetris)
And more...

It includes 6 modes of play: Standard, Mission, Puzzle, Touch, Push and Catch:

Standard: This is the standard Tetris that we all know and love
Mission: Clear missions (such as clear 5 lines, or Use a T peice to clear 2 lines) in a time limit
Puzzle: Solve the puzzle using only a few tetrominoes
Touch: Use the stylus to move the blocks to allow a cage to hit the grounda and be released
Push: The ultimate Tetris 2 player mode, I guess its like Tug-of-War
Catch: Control a Core at the bottom and catch falling tetrominoes to make 4x4 squares

Heck they even remixed the music very nicely. You will recongize the tunes - that is, if you played the NES.

And there is multiplayer. Oh is there multiplayer. 10 people playing on ONE DS cart. Yes 10 people...

Dont forget that there is online play as well via Nintendo WFC.

So if you have even a little interest(or alot) in Tetris, pick this game up. You wount be dissapointed. The 8-bit themes just closed the deal for me.

- Kyle "maxmouse2008" Piper

Any complaints, suggestions, comments drop em a line at