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  Frequently Asked Questions    
  What is this?
When I created it was one of the first attempts to standardize all of the information on the Nintendo Entertainment System. To some extent this goal has been met by sites like WikiPedia and NintendoAge. However, although a great deal of information exists on the NES, much of it is still scattered over myriad sites. With I am attempting to consolidate this information, and create something onf a one-stop NES resource.

Why bother?.
Eh, soft spot for the NES. We were the first family in the nighborhood. It's in my bones at this point.

How often is the site updated?
I try to update the site on a daily or bi-daily schedule. However, sometimes that pesky thing called life gets in the way of my well-laid plans and NESHQ doesn't get updated.

Is there a way to have you add a certain game to the games database as soon as you get a chance?
Sure, just e-mail me.

Where can I find cheat codes for [insert game here] ?
Look in the games database. If it's not there then don't bother e-mailing me.

I want to help with the site, review games, add my contribution, etc. How can I?
I'm always looking for some extra help. If you're interested then just e-mail me.

Where can I find ROMs for [insert game here] ?
There are no roms on this site, so ask somewhere else. Here, LMGTFY.

If you don't carry ROMs on your site then why do you have so many emulators?
To play the roms, obviously. Too snarky? OK, well, the answer is that emulators are useful for all kinds of goodness - playing games, playing hacks, screenshots, and savestates, to name a few. I don't have a personal conviction against someone downloading the rom of a 25-year old game; I more don't host them for the hassle of it.

Ok, ok, enough with all this talk about ROMs. I have one, now which emulator should I use?
There isn't really a 'best' emulator, it's a matter of preference. With that in mind I recommend FCE Ultra, nessie, NNNesterJ, and RockNES.

Where can I buy an NES or games for it?
I should really write a guide on this, but until then your best bets are pawn shops, flea markets, garage sales, eBay, and Funcoland.

I'm thinking of making an NES site, will you host it?
Sure, just drop me an e-mail.

I've been to before and it seemed like it had a different layout. What gives?
Currently is on its second layout (not bad for a site that's been around since January 2003). The old layout looked like this.

I like your site (ed: thanks!) but I'm looking for more interactive NES information, what should I do?
Forums are the answer my friend! There are tons of NES forums on the web, including (but not limited to) the Game FAQs boards, the NES World forums, the New NES Forums, and Nintendo's NSider Forums.

Many of the FAQs seem to require the author's permission to use them or list the sites that can use them and isn't on them... what's up?
You're correct, many authors want you to request their permission before using their FAQs, and rightfully so since there is quite a bit of FAQ plagiarism. Any FAQ listed on either does not need the author's permission or the author has given his consent. In some cases the author lists sites that may host his FAQ but isn't on the list since there hasn't been a new version of the FAQ added.

My question isn't up here, what should I do?
Once again, e-mail me.