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  Beat Bald Bull in 19 Seconds - As soon as the fight begins, punch Bald Bull in the face until you receive an uppercut star. When you receive it, immediately use it. Repeat this process until you win. To speed up the process, wait for him to do a bull charge. When he's right in front of you, jab him in the stomach and he'll go down.

Bonus Fight - To access "Another World Circuit", enter the password "135 792 4680", then press A + B + Select simultaneously.

Fight Super Macho Man - To fight against Super Macho Man, you must be undefeated (27 Wins, 0 Losses).

Harder Game - When a match first starts, when the you are being shown the opponent (where it shows your and your opponent's current stats) press select repeatedly. This will lower you life gauge, so the more you press select, the lower amount of life you will start out with. This also disables the ability to regain lives between rounds for every match in which you use it, so beware!!

Regain Energy - To get some of your life back after a round, quickly press Select repeatedly. This trick only works once.

View Credits - To view the credits, enter the password "106 113 0120", then press A + B + Select simultaneously.

Major Circuit - <005 737 5423/i>

World Circuit - 777 807 3454

Super Macho Man - 940 861 8538

Super Macho Man (23 Wins) - 267 913 7638

Piston Honda (Second Fight) - 032 730 8442

Don Flamenco - 005 373 5423

Mike Tyson - 007 373 5963

China - 777 807 3454