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  Wow 6/30/2020    
  This... This is ummm... Wow. Someone Created A Hand-Drawn Guide For The Original Zelda And It's Breathtaking    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  3D 8 Bit 6/23/2020    
  This is pretty rad: NES Emulator That Turns Old 8-Bit Games Into 3D Worlds is Available Now on Steam    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  "The Brutal Charm..." 6/19/2020    
  Hah, so true:

Remembering the brutal charm of old school Nintendo games

  Posted by: Andy 8:30 PM    

  Blades of Steel 6/18/2020    
  PHT remembers hockey video games: "Blades of Steel" made the cut for NES.    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  NES/Switch Hack 6/17/2020    
  Always good to see an NES-related hack, and this one is no exception: Nintendo Switch Gets A Stylish Dock In A Broken NES    
  Posted by: Andy 8:00 PM    

  Days of Thunder 6/16/2020    
  In the news: Days Of Thunder Video Game For Original Nintendo NES Discovered After 30 Years.    
  Posted by: Andy 9:00 PM    

  In the Newspaper of Record 6/15/2020    
  Always cool to see the NES make major news outlets, especially when it's the New York Times.    
  Posted by: Andy 9:00 PM    

  Hacking the NES 5/8/2020    
  Here's a fun one from Popular Mechanics, of all places: Cracking the Chip: How Hacking the NES Made It Even Better.    
  Posted by: Andy 5:00 PM    

  NintendoAge? 4/4/2020    
  If anyone out there is reading this, can you email me and let me know what happened with NintendoAge? It was, hands-down, the best NES resource on the Internet, even better than yours truly. In fact, NA was SO comprehensive that it's the reason I actually stopped updating NES HQ for years. Now that it's gone I might try to get back to updating this site daily since there doesn't seem to be an equivalent site to NA.

Anyway, yeah, if you know, shoot me an email. Thanks!

  Posted by: Andy 5:00 PM    

  OpenTendo 3/29/2020    
  Hack A Day has an article on the new open source NES motherboard. From the article: The OpenTendo is a completely open-source replacement for an original front-loading Nintendo Entertainment System motherboard, using both original or after-market Nintendo CPU and PPU chips, and other still readily available components.    
  Posted by: Andy 5:00 PM    

  Mario on PC 3/1/2020    
  Forgot how terrible these were.    
  Posted by: Andy 5:00 PM    

  Time to get weird 3/9/2020    
  May I present to you: 10 Of The Weirdest Pieces Of NES Box Art. Enjoy.    
  Posted by: Andy 5:30 PM    

  Exceptionally Pricey Zappers in Japan 3/6/2020    
  No, you didn't read that wrong. Apparently NES Zappers Selling For High Prices In Japan is a thing.    
  Posted by: Andy 5:00 PM    

  Emoyan no 10 Bai Pro Yakyuu 3/5/2020    
  It's a little slow around these parts today, so this will have to do: Emoyan no 10 Bai Pro Yakyuu has been translated to English.    
  Posted by: Andy 8:00 PM    

  Front Loadin' 3/4/2020    
  This is pretty rad - NES Creator Reveals The "Shocking" Story Behind That Infamous Flap.    
  Posted by: Andy 7:15 PM    

  That's SO METAL 3/3/2020    
  If you've got $500 to burn then perhaps this metal NES is for you.    
  Posted by: Andy 5:15 PM    

  Hardware Thursday 2/13/2020    
  Is hardware Thursday a thing? It is now! First, the badass NES mouse, which - unlike a lot of these awesome pieces of hardware that spring up - is reasonably priced. And secondly is this freakin' sweet Megatron Zapper. Hell yes!    
  Posted by: Andy 5:15 PM    

  New Games to Switch 2/12/2020    
  A quick note - according to Engadget, Nintendo will be bringing two more classics to the Switch: Eliminator Boat Duel and Shadow of the Ninja.    
  Posted by: Andy 7:15 PM    

  Happy Birthday! 1/29/2020    
  In my haste to finally update the site for the first time in almost a year I forgot to wish NES HQ a happy birthday.

Although updated a lot less frequently than it used to be (hopefully that's changing), NES HQ celebrated its 17th birthday earlier this month!

The site is, unquestionably, the oldest NES-specific site still out there. While some incredible NES resources have sprung up since its inception (looking at you, Nintendoage), NES HQ is the last of it's kind - the sole remaining site from a time in the early 2000s when there was a diverse collection of NES fan sites operated on myriad hosts - Geocities, Angelfire, etc. I plan to keep it operating for the foreseeable future and, as mentioned yesterday, hope to start updating it regularly again. There is an 'end state' for this site, and it looks something like finally having every game up on the site. So that's the goal and I hope to make significant progress towards said goal this year.

  Posted by: Andy 7:15 PM