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Don't see what you're looking for? Check our NSF Players Archive.

Name:Audio Overload (Download)
Last Updated:5/10/02
Description:Audio Overload is an awesome NSF/GYM/SPC/GBS player by Richard Bannister. It has a great interface, and even supports RAR-compressed music files. This is the first and so far only GYM/SPC/GBS player for the Macintosh.

Name:BNSF (Download)
Last Updated:7/28/01
Description:This NSF player is made by Fx3 and based off of the RockNES sound engine.

Name:Bleep! (Download)
Last Updated:12/22/99
OS:Winamp Plugin
Description:Winamp plugin by Neill Corlett that plays NSF files. This plugin however, can be configured. You can set the sample rate, the file title display, and it takes a LOT LESS CPU.

Name:DeliPlayer (Download)
Last Updated:-
Description:Multi-sound format player. Currently supports 190 different formats - including NSF. This player includes a plethora of features, yet the interface leaves something to be desired. Thankfully, you can download other Skins. If you don't like Winamp, this is a good choice...

Name:Festalon (Download - Winamp Plugin) (Download - DOS) (Download - Source)
Last Updated:2/22/03
OS:Winamp Plugin / DOS / Source
Description:Festalon is a NSF player that supports the extra sound channels found in games with VRC6, VRC7, MMC5, FME-7, and Namco 106. It also includes partial support for NSFs from FDS games.

Name:G-NSF (Download) (Download - English)
Last Updated:5/18/03
Description:This is an NSF player programmed by the author of G-NES, it has pretty nice sound.

Name:Meridian Advance (Download)
Last Updated:11/25/01
Description:Meridian is a multi-gaming music format player (currently has support for .NSF, .SPC, .GYM, and .GBS files) with a Winamp-like interface. Has support for skinning.

Name:Meridian Prime (Download) (Download - Source)
Last Updated:4/19/03
Description:Meridian Prime is a multi-gaming music format player with support for skinning. It is from the same author as Meridian Advance, which ended abruptly after the loss of the source code. This Meridian is open-source, but only seems to support NSF files as yet. This version includes a nice "retro" skin.

Name:MSP (Download) (Download - Source)
Last Updated:4/24/00
Description:Multi Sound Player is a CYM, GYM, MP3, WAV, NSF, MID, MOD, CD and VOC player for DOS. It has a command line interface, so there's no GUI. For those who like multi sound format players, give this player a go.

Name:NESamp (Download)
Last Updated:5/3/99
OS:Winamp Plugin
Description:Michel Iwaniec is the author of this NSF plugin for Winamp. It's one of a few NSF players, and the only one for Windows. It plays the majority of NSFs quite well. Keep in mind, however, that it's only a beta and won't run everything correctly. You should also know that unless you know 6502 assembly, there is no other way to rip NSFs (ie, don't ask for an NSF ripping program anytime soon). To install, copy the DLL file to your plugins directory. Winamp is available at To select a particular song within an NSM, move the slidebar (in single size mode) to the right to select different songs. All NSFs that are currently available can be obtained below.

Name:NEZPlug (Download) (Download - Source)
Last Updated:7/15/02
OS:Winamp Plugin
Description:This is a Winamp NSF plugin with a nice set of features and it's also updated regularly, so you might want to check it out.

Name: Nosefart (Download) (Download - Plugin) (Download - Source)
Last Updated:7/4/02
OS:DOS / Winamp Plugin
Description: Matt Conte, author of the popular NES emulator, Nofrendo, authors this new NSF player for DOS. It has really cool visualization, the ability to turn channels on and off, and other really nice things. Be sure to read the documentation for all the keys. This is the best DOS NSF player there is. I urge you all to check out this new NSF player, and see how it works for you.

Name:NotSoFatso (Download) (Download - Source)
Last Updated:9/21/03
OS:Winamp Plugin
Description:This plugin features support for standard NSF files, as well as the NSFe standard which the author is developing. It includes a handy NSF control window while playing NSFs so you can quickly skip to the right track. Other options include configurable bitrates and stereo support.

Name:NSFten (Download)
Last Updated:6/6/00
OS:Winamp Plugin
Description:A very nicely-done and extremely accurate alternative for Winamp NSF players, this plugin includes DPCM and VRC6-chip emulation, and a sensible interface for song selection and file information.

Name: NSF Track Ripper (Download)
Version:Beta 1
Last Updated:2/13/03
Description:This program can take an NSF archive and extract single track NSFs from them.

Name: nsf2midi (Download) (Download - English)
Last Updated:4/18/03
Description:nsf2midi is a useful utility that converts NSF files to MIDI files.

Name:nsf-xmms (Download)
Last Updated:1/6/01
Description:Simple NSF plugin for xmms based on NEZamp code.

Name:playnsf (Download)
Version: -
Last Updated:4/16/99
Description:This NSF player, coded by the same author of NESamp, is for DOS. It's very buggy, however. To exit out, hit q. It's a command-line interface: type playnsf nameofnsf.nsf to load it, and + and - on the numberpad to scroll through the various tunes. You can enable/disable channels via the numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5.